Types of Wood We Offer

  • Acacia

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    • Other Names: Acacia Mollissima, Black Wattle, Burma Walnut, Tan Wattle, Basboom
    • Description: With a beautifully blended assortment of colors, Acacia flooring is a tasteful choice that exudes an unmistakable air of sophistication, all the while sporting a surprisingly reasonable price tag. Its medium to dark brown heartwood is tinged with vibrant reddish orange and accented with light yellows. With its aesthetic flair and great durability, an Acacia hardwood floor would be as complementary to curling beside the fireplace as it would for a candle-lit tango. How you choose to enjoy it is up to you.
    • Hardness: 1,750 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 17,500 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 2,080 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 540
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 7.0 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 3.1 %
  • Birch

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  • Brazilian Cherry

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    • Other Names: Hymenaea coubaril, Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry, Jutai, Locust, Copal, Azucar, Jatai
    • Description: Brazilian Cherry, also known as Jatoba, is one of the most popular exotic hardwoods. It’s not difficult to see why: Brazilian Cherry's breathtaking reddish-brown heartwood is lined by dark black streaks, giving it not only contrast but amazing depth as well. The heartwood will darken over time to a softer red-brown. Beyond its beauty, Brazilian Cherry is incredibly strong and hard.
    • Hardness: 2,350 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 19,400 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 2,160 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 800
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 6.2 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 4.8 %
  • Cumaru

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    • Other Names: Dipterix odorata, Southern Chestnut, Brazilian Teak
    • Description: Cumaru, commonly called Brazilian Chestnut, is a tough and dense wood imported from Brazil that has an irregular, somewhat interlocked grain and wavy, course texture. Because of its density, it is very resistant to termites and decay. Cumaru's heartwood is a medium brown with distinctive tan shades that compliment one another in with tonal warmth to create a relaxing feeling that's great to come home to.
    • Hardness: 3,200 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 24,800 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 3,050 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 1,090
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 8.4 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 5.4 %
  • Figured Curly Maple

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  • Ipe, Brazilian Walnut

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    • Other Names: Tabebuia spp, Brazilian Ebony, Brazilian Walnut, Ironwood, Irontree, Tajibo, Guayacan, Lapacho, Arcwood, Extreme Ipe, ExtremeIpe
    • Description: Ipe is an incredibly durable wood. Its dense cell structure serves as a natural deterrent to insects, decay, and molds. Ipe is often the first choice for exterior decking because of its unparalleled ability to stand up to the elements. More than just durable, Ipe is also pleasing to the eye. Its heartwood is medium to dark olive brown with a range of dark reds. With a Class A fire rating, Ipe occupies the same class of fire-retardant materials as steel. For durability, safety, and beauty, Ipe makes an excellent choice.
    • Hardness: 3,840 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 25,400 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 3,140 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 1,025
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 8.0 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 6.6 %
  • Java Walnut

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    • Other Names: Dialium spp., Kerandji, Keranji, Khleng, Nyamut, Xoay, Kralahn
    • Description: Java Walnut is a Southeast Asian species. It is a heavy, hard and strong wood of golden-brown to reddish-brown colour with interlocked or wavy grains. Its surface is lustrous, moderately coarse, with striped textured grains. It is used for production of flooring, furniture, cabinetry, sills, posts, door and window frames.
    • Hardness: 2,450 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 27,200 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 2,690 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 800
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 6.6 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 4.2 %
  • Kempas

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    • Other Names: Koompassia spp,Thongbueng, Gemaris, Hampas, Nyari, Kempas rawang, Impas (Sabah), Mengris (Sarawak),Tualangun
    • Description: Kempas is generally imported from Asia and grows in Malaysia and Indonesia. The heartwood is a fairly consistent color which ranges from orange-red to reddish-brown with subtly contrasting yellow to pale white tones. The heartwood will darken with time. Kempas is somewhat similar to Cumaru from Brazil but does not have as much definition in the grain.
    • Hardness: 1,710 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 17,700 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 2,690 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 880
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 7.4 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 6.0 %
  • Patagonian Rosewood

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    • Other Names: Anadenanthera colubrina, Curupay, Patagonian Rosewood, Curupau, Kurupay
    • Description: Curupay or Patagonian Rosewood is found in the forests of Bolivia and Paraguay. Also known as Curupau, Curupay or Patagonian Rosewood is a very appealing wood that is highly compatible with any home design or color scheme. This versatility comes from the fact that Curupau's pale pink and yellow tones are sharply distinguished from its dark brown heartwood, creating a pleasing contrast that is complimented by the wood's crossed grain and creates a beautiful combination of rich browns and yellows.
    • Hardness: 3,840 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 23,780 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 2,730 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 1,020
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 8.4 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 4.8 %
  • Red Oak

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    • Other Names: Quercus spp, American red oak, Black oak, Canadian red oak, Gray oak, Northern red oak, Southern red oak, Scarlet oak, Spanish oak
    • Description: The red-tinged brown heartwood and white tones of Red Oak creates a subtle but resonant contrast that makes this wood uniquely enjoyable. A consistent grain adds to the grace of the overall presentation of the wood. All of these elements make Red Oak a colorfully multifaceted yet understated beauty that, much like White Oak, is aesthetically complimentary to any style of home.
    • Hardness: 1,290 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 14,300 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 1,850 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 780
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 8.6 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 4.0 %
  • Santos Mahogany

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    • Other Names: Myroxylon balsamum, Cabreuva, Balsamito, Cabore, Caboriba, Bosnian Pine, Incensio, Quina, Tache
    • Description: Santos Mahogany is one of the most coveted exotic hardwoods in the world. Its beautiful reddish brown to deep red color remains constant over time, and its tight grain serves as an exquisite accompaniment to the rich colors with its fine, distinctive strokes. Like many Brazilian exotics, Santos Mahogany offers not only a beautiful visual appearance but astounding durability as well. For longevity and amazing looks, Santos Mahogany is tough to beat.
    • Hardness: 2,200 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 25,400 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 2,060 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 900
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 6.5 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 4.2 %
  • Strand Bamboo

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    • Other Names: Bambusae spp.
    • Description: Bamboo strand woven flooring is created from Moso bamboo which is sourced from fully sustainable & government controlled forests. Bamboo is self-generating; grows to maturity within five years and is regarded as the one of the strongest plants on earth. With the world environment under pressure, a Bamboo strand woven floor is the natural selection for your next building project.
    • Hardness: 1,600 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 0 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 0 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 0
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 0.0 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 0.0 %
  • Tarara Amarilla, Canarywood

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    • Other Names: Centrolobium microchaete, Canary Wood
    • Description: Tarara wood is a colorful exotic located in the forests of Brazil and Bolivia. Its heartwood color can be bright yellow to orange with long distinctive streaks of purple, red, and black. Tarara is durable and hard, but also rated as easy to work with, which is why, combined with its inherent attractiveness, it is often a choice for furniture makers. It's grain is irregular and interlocked, and has a lustrous surface with a medium and uniform texture.
    • Hardness: 1,860 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 18,000 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 2,130 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 700
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 4.0 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 3.0 %
  • Tiete Rosewood

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    • Other Names: Guibourtia chodatianal, Bolivian Rosewood, Sirari
    • Description: Tiete Rosewood is an exquisite example of the beautiful hardwoods hailing from Bolivia in South America. Starting out as soft pink tinged with russet during its youth, Tiete Rosewood reddens slightly with age, creating rich and contrasting tones. With its combination of vibrant and soothing colors, Tiete Rosewood is particularly beautiful when accompanied by dark furniture and cabinetry.
    • Hardness: 3,280 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 15,830 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 2,030 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 950
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 7.0 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 4.0 %
  • TigerWood

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    • Other Names: Astronium fraxinifolium, Muiracatiara, Cuta Tigre, Bois de Zebre, Bossona, Goncalo Alves, Mura, Kingwood, Urunday-para, Zebrawood, Zorrowood
    • Description: Tigerwood is a highly distinctive exotic wood with vibrant reddish-brown tones and prominent black striping that varies in thickness from fine strokes to thick contours. Its interlocked grain is also wavy and irregular, complimenting the wood’s dynamic appearance. Tigerwood is both stable and durable, making Tigerwood a visually striking floor that lasts. Tigerwood is grown in Brazil and Bolivia.
    • Hardness: 1,850 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 20,120 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 2,390 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 660
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 7.6 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 4.0 %
  • White Oak

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    • Other Names: Quercus spp, Arizona oak, Stave oak, white oak, Swamp white oak, Brewer oak, Garry oak, Oregon oak, California white oak, Valley oak, Valley white oak,
    • Description: White Oak has long been a popular and versatile standard in homes across the U.S. White Oak is also known for its durability, strength, and resistance to wear, serving as planking for boats and even mine timbers. This elegant wood’s amazing decorative flexibility makes it an outstanding floor for all settings and occasions. White Oak is available available in natural finish as well as many stains to suit just about any decor.
    • Hardness: 1,360 pounds
    • Strength (MOR): 15,200 psi
    • Stiffness (MOE): 1,780 1000 psi
    • Density (KG/m3): 900
    • Tangential Shrinkage: 7.2 %
    • Radial Shrinkage: 4.2 %