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Cumaru decking is a beautiful decking material that features striking grain characteristics and rich yellow-brown coloring. It is well known for its density and hardness, both factors in making it one of the most durable and desirable natural decking materials on the planet. It is also known as Brazilian Chestnut and Brazilian Teak, growing natively in Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, The Guianas, and Colombia.

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Cumaru hardwood decking features durability benefits in just about every area. First, it has a Janka hardness rating of 3,200 lbs., approaching three times the hardness of Red Oak and 10 times as hard as composite decking. Cumaru also features a density of 1,090 kg/m3, which serves well to keep the wood free from permeating agents. Naturally resistant to decay, Cumaru is resistant to infestation by termites and other wood boring insects.

If fire safety is a concern, Cumaru decking is a great option. With a class A fire rating, Cumaru is rated as resistant to burning as steel or concrete. This is due in large part to Cumaru's amazingly dense cell structure, among other factors. Cumaru is a very versatile wood as a result, used both for finer applications such as flooring and decking and also for heavy construction.

Strength aside, Cumaru is also a gorgeous wood. It has a strikingly unique interlocked grain that features distinctive lines. The wood has a fine texture and will become more uniform in color when exposed to light. In order to retain its rich yellow-brown coloration, it is recommended to regularly clean and reapply oil finish to your Cumaru deck. Come and see beautiful Cumaru decking at any of our locations!