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Exotic hardwood decking brings the beauty of the natural world to your building project along with incredible durability. Where softwood decking materials such as Western Red Cedar or Pine are non-durable and easily damaged, exotic species such as Ipe, Brazilian Redwood, and Angelim Pedra are world reknowned for their durability and hardness.

We carry these great decking materials at incredibly discounted rates, giving you the best products in decking at the best possible price.

Ipe Hardwood Decking | Ipe Wood Decks

Ipe Decking

Ipe decking is a beautiful South American hardwood that is world renowned for its amazing distinct look as well as its durability. Ipe decking is installed in Portland's own Pearl District as a boardwalk along both Tanner Springs and Jamison Square parks, as well as providing a beautiful doorstep for many of the neighboring businesses.

It's no coincidence the city chose this material; Ipe is one of the most strongest decking materials on the market, and its resiliency is equally unmatched. Ipe left untreated will undergo a color change, shifting to a regal silver-gray, whereas a treated Ipe deck will retain a rich brownish-red coloring. More details →

Meranti Batu Decks | Batu Hardwood Decking

Meranti Mahogany Decking

Meranti Batu is the preferred choice for classic Mahogany decking. It features many of the benefits of other tropical decking species: It's beautiful, easily installed, and features amazing natural durability.

Batu decking has a consistent brick red tone, guaranteed to promote relaxation and enjoyment. More details →

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Cumaru Hardwood Decking | Cumaru Wood Decks

Cumaru Decking

Cumaru decking is some of the toughest decking coming out of South America, with amazing density, hardness, and a class A fire rating. Dense cellular structure means more durability and heightened resistance to the elements.

Cumaru features a prominent and distinctive graining that is very pleasing to the eye along with honey-brown coloring, making Cumaru decking not only durable but beautiful as well. More details →

Tigerwood Decking | Tigerwood Hardwood Decks

Tigerwood Decking

Tigerwood decking is a beautiful and distinctive decking material that brings both durability and exotic flair to any home. Tigerwood can either be treated to retain it's golden yellow shade with its distinctive tiger-like striping, or left to age to a distinguished silver-gray shade.

Durable and resistant to decay, Tigerwood hardwood decking is a great decking choice for a variety of styles and applications. More details →

Maintenance Tips | Maintain Your Deck | Decking Maintenance

We have tested many brands of deck finishes and deck cleaners. The best line we have found is from SuperDeck - the DuckBack series of finishes and cleaners. Follow this link to our: Deck Maintenance Page

Installation Tips | Installing Decking | Hardwood Deck Installation

We can help with your deck installation. We now carry the Bow Wrench and the Swan Secure line of fasteners and deck clips. Follow this link to our: Deck Installation Page

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