Exotic Hardwood Flooring
Exotic Wood Floors

Exotic hardwood flooring consists of wood species that are not found within the United States natively. These species, particularly those from South America, Africa, and Brazil, are among some of the most durable, hard, and dense woods in the world.

These products originate from the world's tropical forests. We make sure that all of our products are responsibly harvested and offer a variety of FSC certified hardwood flooring options. It is important that businesses working within the field of exotic hardwoods ensure that their products are all environmentally safe. Stone Wood prides itself on working closely with its suppliers to ensure that its exotic flooring products ensure the highest level of environmental sustainability.

We specialize in the following exotics:
  • Brazilian Cherry, Jatoba
  • Brazilian Walnut, Ipe
  • Brazilian Teak, Cumaru
  • Tigerwood
  • Tiete Rosewood, Sirari
  • Santos Mahogany, Cabreuva
  • Para Rosewood, Macacauba
  • Merbau
  • Kempas

Kiln drying is the standard method for preparing lumber for being milled into flooring. Exotic hardwood flooring also requires very specific and sophisticated kiln drying technique because of its high density. These techniques differ greatly from those required to dry less dense domestics such as Walnut, American Cherry, and Ash. Stone Wood Design Center always seeks out the best deals and discounts for its customers, but never at the expense of product quality and consistency. All of our exotic flooring products are properly kiln dried.

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Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Durable, sustainable, and well-manufactured: These are qualities you can expect from all Stone Wood exotic flooring! Read more about them here on the site, or stop in to our Portland stores and see them for yourself!

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