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Ipe decking is arguably one of the most popular exotic decking species in the United States. It gives a great look for any deck with its rich, eye-catching browns and its beautiful grain pattern. Treated or untreated, you're guaranteed a beautiful and durable deck. Treated Ipe will retain its beautiful brown color, while left untreated, an Ipe deck will turn to a lustrous gray-silver.

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One of the reasons Ipe is so notable is because it is simply tough. It has a Janka hardness rating of 3,840lbs, harder than Cumaru, Angelim Pedra, or Brazilian Redwood, although Cumaru barely edges it out as being denser: Cumaru comes in at 1,090 kg/m3, with Ipe close behind at 1,025 kg/m3. Higher density means higher resistance to a variety of potentially damaging factors, such as wood boring insects, moist conditions, and decay.

Like Cumaru, Ipe decking has a class A fire rating, making it not only a beautiful and durable addition to your house, but one that also adds to your home's overall safety. In addition to being safe for your home, our Ipe is safe for the planet: All of our Ipe decking comes from suppliers using only sustainable harvesting practices.

To retain the strong brown coloring of your Ipe hardwood deck, be sure to use high quality UV inhibitors and penetrating oil finishes. These practices combined with regular cleanings will ensure that you get the most color longevity out of your Ipe deck.

Ipe wood is used for decorative veneers as well as heavy construction and industrial flooring. As a wood product, it is prized for its amazing strength and its amazing beauty. It's easy to see how Ipe decking has become one of the most highly sought after tropical decking and wood species in the United States.