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Stonewood Design Center in Beaverton is one of the top suppliers of Laminate flooring in the Portland area. Laminate flooring is a great choice for homeowners who want the look and feel of hardwood flooring without the expense or difficult installation process. With many different sizes and styles to choose from, laminate is one of the most versatile flooring options on the market today. Here are just a few reasons why laminate flooring may be the right flooring material for you:

Price and Installation: Laminate flooring is often much less expensive than solid hardwood flooring. It is also much easier to install, and can be installed over almost any existing floor.

Durability: Laminate flooring's solid finish makes it perfect for high-traffic areas of the home. Our laminate products also come with at least a 25 year residential warranty, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Resale Value: Most home buyers look for hardwood floors over carpet. By installing laminate floors instead of carpet, you get the look of hardwood flooring at the fraction of the cost.

Take a look at our high-quality laminate flooring products. Questions? Call us today at (503) 222-9663.

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Remington Handscraped Laminate Flooring

Remington Tanglewood Laminate Flooring

Remington’s hand-sculpted laminate flooring features pillowed beveled edges, a 25-year residential warranty, and comes in three beautiful, hand-scraped styles: light Painted Desert, rustic Tanglewood, and dark Canadian Sunset.

5.5" Width x 48" Length | 10.3mm Thickness | 2mm Attached Cushion | Handsculpted | Pillowed Beveled Edges

Orleans Laminate Flooring

Orleans Honey Maple Laminate Flooring

Orleans laminate flooring features a strong crystal finish, v-groove bevel, a simple Lock-n-Go installation, and a 35-year residential warranty. The flooring comes in three styles: dramatic Honey Maple, deep Sierra Maple, and exotic Cappuccino Maple.

5.5" Width x 48" Length | 12.3mm Thickness | 2mm Attached Cushion | Crystal Finish | Quick Lock-n-Go Installation

Pacific Crest Laminate Flooring

Pacific Crest Natural Bamboo Laminate Flooring<

Pacific Crest laminate flooring features a sturdy HDF core, a crystal finish, a 35-year residential warranty, and comes in two trendy styles: bright Natural Bamboo and earthy Carbonized Bamboo.

5.5" Width x 48" Length | 12.3mm Thickness | 2mm Attached Cushion | Crystal Finish | Quick Lock-n-Go Installation

Grand Mesa Laminate Flooring

Grand Mesa Handscraped and Wire Brushed Laminate Flooring

Grand Mesa Saddle Walnut Laminate Flooring

The Grand Mesa laminate flooring series features an aluminum oxide finish, a striking wire brush visual, and a 25-year residential warranty. The flooring comes in four sought-after styles: sandy Saddle Walnut, smoky Sierra Hickory, noteworthy Gunstock Oak, and distinguished Pecan Rustic.

5.5" Width x 48" Length | 12.3mm Thickness | 2mm Attached Cushion | Crystal Finish | Quick Lock-n-Go Installation

Glacier Peak Laminate Flooring

Glacier Peak Orchard Laminate Flooring

Glacier Peak laminate flooring features a v-groove bevel, Lock-n-Go installation, a 35-year residential warranty, and an attractive crystal finish. This versatile flooring comes in seven styles: swanky Cherry Blend, sweet Honey Strand, natural Hazelnut, eye-catching Orchard, simple Rustic Pecan, intriguing American Walnut, and spicy Cinnamon.

5.5" Width x 48" Length | 12.3mm Thickness | 2mm Attached Cushion | Crystal Finish | Quick Lock-n-Go Installation

Bourbon Street Laminate Flooring

Bourbon Street Pearwood Laminate Flooring

Bourbon Street laminate flooring features beveled and waxed edges, a low gloss finish, a Unilin locking system, and a 29-year residential warranty. The flooring is available in seven unique styles: royal Chestnut, engaging Warm Oak, sweet Pearwood, elegant Applewood, conventional Natural Oak, embellished Light Cherry, and ghostly Gray Oak.

5" Width x 47 13/16" Length | 8mm Thickness | 2mm Attached Pad | Crystal Embossed | Low Gloss | Unilin Locking System

As one of Portland's largest hard surface stores, Stone Wood Design Center in Beaverton can give you the most options when choosing both your look and your format. Come by and see our selection for yourself!

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