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LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tile, is an innovative flooring product available from our online retail store. LVT boasts the look and feel of a natural stone, wood, or slate floor but offers a lower price point. Luxury Vinyl Tile / LVT is water resistant, and easy to lay as most LVT products are either glue or free fit tile and planks. This product is perfect for residential and commercial space alike. With ease of installation, LVT adds character and durability to any space at an affordable price.

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Here are a few reasons why Luxury Vinyl Tile, LVT could be the right product for you:

Ease of Installation

Stone Wood carries a wide range of Luxury Vinyl Tile brands and styles. Our low price product, The Columbia Collection from TA Supply, is a glue down LVT with a thickness of 2mm. The Columbia Collection is perfect for multifamilty dwellings for both remodels and new construction, offering a 20 year residential warranty and a 10 year light commercial use warranty. Installation of The Columbia Collection Luxury Vinyl Tile requires a high quality and flat sub-floor; plywood underlayment is always preferred. The Columbia Collection boasts a low gloss urethane top layer, an embossed finish and a micro v groove edge joint. This is a glue down product and it's approved for radiant heat applications.

With our high end LVT products, such as the FreeFit Luxury Vinyl Tile and The Medley XL Collection from TA Supply, installation is one of a kind and free floating. The product is butted to the wall and the perimeter of the area in order to have the product lock into place. There is no need for glue in order to install this fantastic product. Due to the lack of adhesives, these Luxury Vinyl Tiles and planks are simple to replace - simply peel out the old piece and fit the new one snuggly with the rest.


Our FreeFit LVT does not employ the use of adhesives during its engineering process; instead it utilizes a hot press method during manufacturing. This takes away the risks of peeling and delaminating. Each Luxury Vinyl Tile / LVT Tile has a micro V bevel alone each side which helps the tile or plank lock into place giving it a tight water free fit.

Our highest quality Luxury Vinyl Tile, the Medley XL Collection from TA Supply, boasts a super hard ceramic finish. This ceramic finish is typically used on some of the finest commercial quality hardwood flooring available. The Medley XL Colleciton from TA Supply is 8mm in thickness, has a waterproof WPC core, a 1mm pad on the bottom and offers a Lifetime Residential Warranty and a 15 Year Commercial Warranty.

Stone Wood also offers the Tandem Collection from TA Supply. The Tandem Collection Luxury Vinyl Tile is an affordable alternative to the Medley XL Collection and our FreeFIT Luxury Vinyl Tile. The Tandem Collection is 7.5mm in thickness and includes a 30 year residential and 10 year commercial warranty and a low gloss UV cured Urethane finish. Tandem also includes a waterproof WPC core and a 2mm pad for easy installation over a variety of sub floors and underlayments, even particleboard.

Both the Tandem Collection and the Medley XL Collection use a unilin angle and tap lock click system which makes installation a breeze.

LVT, Luxury Vinyl Tile in Vertical Bamboo from FreeFIT

Versatility in Look

Luxury Vinyl Tile / LVT comes in many different shapes and sizes such as 6”x36” boards that imitate wood planks, to the 18”x18” natural stone look tile, to contemporary patterns perfect for modern commercial applications. This product is made to give the look and the feel of natural products such as wood and stone floors.

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Our retail store, Stone Wood Design Center, carries several brands of Luxury Vinyl Tile including FreeFIT LVT and The Medley XL Collection from TA Supply, some of the highest quality Luxury Vinyl Tile products available in the market today. Stone Wood also offers The Tandem Collection and the Columbia Collection from TA Supply. Contact our retail store today to take advantage of our free shipping promotion of FreeFIT Luxury Vinyl Tile!

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