Mosaic Tile Products
Glass and Stone Mosaics

The Stone Wood mosaic tile collection is our piece de resistance. Our selection ranges from post-modern geometric designs in bold blacks and whites to the more traditional glass smalti in vibrant color palettes. They house materials such as porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, and stone, and in various piece sizes, such as the standard square tesserae or long linear bars.

All of our mosaics are mesh mounted or face taped in approximately 12” x 12” sheets for easy installation. These also make great borders! The sheets can be sliced into smaller increments to create a border of almost any standard width.

Glass and Stone Geometric Mosaic

A modern mix of glass and stone, this geometric "urban" mosaic is a typical example of our outstanding selection.

Avenue Mosaic Flemish Bond Dartmouth

Avenue Mosaic's Flemish Bond series includes several beautiful patterns including the Darmouth pattern shown above.

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