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Stone encompasses a wide array of natural, quarried materials such as limestone, marble, travertine, quartzite, slate and granite. Many of these have been used for thousands of years for tile, mosaics, sculptures and especially architectural pieces such as columns and stairs.

Historically speaking, they were hand cut and hauled into floors for cathedrals, book-matched for exterior facades, and cobbled together into mosaics. The Romans, the most prolific builders with stone, left their stone marks all over the European continent, from Ephesus to England.

In modern times, homeowners, architects, and designers are using stone tile, slabs, and mosaics for floors, countertops, and walls. The manufacturing techniques have greatly evolved into the use of machines to provide these products at a reasonable cost. However, the age old technique of “selection” has not changed. Every tile and slab is still carefully selected for good color range and veining by the skilled human eye. At Stone Wood, we work with the most reliable and reputable suppliers to insure we stock good quality stone.

Travertine Bathroom

Types of Stone We Carry


Limestone is a sedimentary stone, formed by layers of skeletons and shells of sea creatures that lived millions of years ago. Most limestones are light in color, which makes them versatile, and the remnants of shells give them a unique look. Limestone is typically only available in honed and satin finishes, and most are preferred for interior, light traffic and residential applications.
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Travertine is a sedimentary stone and a subcategory of limestone, also formed millions of years ago. It is partially metamorphic and its characteristic holes are formed by the pressure of hot mineral water bursting through the surface. Travertine is so durable and flexible that it comes many finishes….cross cut, vein cut, honed and filled, honed and unfilled, polished, tumbled, brushed, and the list goes on. Appropriate for interior and exterior use, depending on climate zone, finish, useage, and specific travertine.
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Marble is a metamorphic stone, but prior to an intense heat and pressure process provided by mother nature, it was limestone. The material is recrystallized during this process and when foreign elements enter into it, color forms. Sometimes huge areas become color and sometimes just small veins. Marble has the broadest color palette of all stones. It is available typically in honed or polished finish, and can be used for interior or exterior applications, depending on climate zone, finish, useage, and particular stone.
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Slate is a metamorphic stone formed from shale out of volcanic, sedimentary layers. Its layers are quite distinct and its colors tend to be mid-range greens, blues, greys and blacks. Slate, once used as roofing tiles, can be used in exterior or interior applications. It typically comes honed, gauged, and/or clefted, and in few cases, polished.
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Granite is an igneous stone, meaning it is formed from magma. It has become one of the most popular stones of late, due to its extremely durable nature. Granite is available in an infinite number of colors and textures, but it generally has a speckled appearance. It is usually available is honed, polished and brushed finishes and it suitable for interior and exterior use.
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